January 13th Lithuania observes  Freedom Fighters Day. It abandoned the  Soviet legacy 28 years ago and
 embarked on a path leading to
 democracy and membership in the EU
 and NATO. Lithuanians remember  January 13, 1991, as the day on which
 14 people lost their lives for their  country's independence.┬áLet's wear  Forget Me Not bloom today close to our  hearts and light a candle remembering  Lithuania's heroes, let's not forget
 what Freedom meant to every
 Lithuanian in 1991 and what it means
 to us today.


   Upcoming events:

  - January 19
     - Classes

  - January 26
     - Classes
     - January Birthdays

  - February 2
     - Classes
     - 6pm Rimas Vaicaitis Poetry Evening


Looking forward to seeing all!
         Everyone at Alexandra Kazickas Lithuanian school thanks the Kazickas Family Foundation,
         the Lithuanian Educational Council of USA and the Lithuanian Foundation for their support!